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Auditing Services

We provide a wide range of value-adding auditing services to our clients. Our consultants are trained lead auditors with the same level of training and expertise as external auditors.

Option 1: Internal Audits

We can assist with your scheduled FSMS internal auditing requirements, as well as pre-certification audits for FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, BRCGS, GLOBALG.A.P., GFSI Basic & Intermediate, HACCP, IFS and more…

Option 2: Ethical Audits

We help with the monitoring of ethical practices in business by conducting ethical audits on suppliers and offering pre-readiness certification audits for standards such as SIZA, SMETA, GRASP, etc.

Option 3: GAP Audits

Do you want to implement an FSMS or transition from one FSMS standard or certification to another? We conduct GAP audits to ensure seamless transition to your chosen FSMS. Our GAP audits are very effective, and save time and money.

Option 4: Supplier Audits

Sourcing products and services from reputable suppliers are essential. We can assist you with compiling your supplier audit checklist and conducting the audit on behalf of your organisation.

Option 5: GMP Audits

Our GMP audits focus on premises and processes. Are you in the process of acquiring new premises or considering renovations for your food facility? A GMP audit can save you time, cost and frustration. It ensures compliance.

Our hygiene audit (inspection) focuses specifically on the facility’s cleanliness, especially the food processing and food storage areas, as well as the hygiene practices of staff.

Aluzar Systems Consultants strive to provide cost-effective, comprehensive and professional internal auditing services to our clients.

We understand the true value of well executed internal audits and how it can help your business grow!


Why are Internal Audits Important?

Internal audits are often met with a negative mindset and their value underestimated.

The Benefits of Internal Audits

  • Opportunity for continual improvement.
  • It can encourage a positive change in companies.
  • Supporting the achievement of compliance with the law, national and international standards.
  • Can be used as a verification and validation tool, saving you time and resources.
  • Potential to increase profitability with a more streamlined and organised approach.
  • The potential to increase consumer trust and reduce customer complaints.
  • To only mention a few.

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