Internal Audits

Are you getting ready for certification or any other external audit? Are you prepared for unannounced external audits?

Performing random internal audits from time to time, as well as before any major external audits give some level of confidence to a company that their systems are effective and adequate. Internal audits allow the organisation to do a self-check and self-correct, before external auditors identify any system deficiencies.

External audits are very costly. Avoid repeat audits at all cost. The downsides of not passing your external audit are:

  • You will need to pay additional costs for a repeat audit.
  • Loss in revenue due to customers not trusting your product.
  • It can damage you credibility and reputation.

The Benefits of Using an Independent Internal Auditor?

It is prudent that the person conducting an internal audit is fully independent of the process and is adequately trained. This ensures that the internal audit process is objective and thorough.

Using ASC Consultants to conduct your internal audits, will save costs and ensures you will definitely get certification or pass the external audit, depending on how serious the organisation takes the findings picked up by the internal auditor.

Another great auditing service we also provide is being by your side during external audits and the capability to answer questions from external auditors. We have you back all the way!

We provide value to both big and small organisations. Small companies normally do not have the inhouse capacity and staff to prepare for external audits. They can count on us.

We also assist big organisations who may need an independent opinion before an actual third party audit.

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