Load-shedding – A Threat to Our Food Supply and Agri Sector

Loadshedding affecting the agri sector

The recent spell of load-shedding in South Africa disrupts the economy intensely. It shuts down factories, switches off servers, prevents mining operations, causes massive traffic disruptions and costs billions in potential revenue. Its effects on the Agricultural Sector are equally significant. An inability to address the load-shedding problem over the …

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Food Safety Incidents – The Ugly Truth

Food Safety incidents are bad for business

Food Safety incidents can sometimes have a devastating impact on all stakeholders involved. The world’s population grows daily and the increasing demand for food creates both new opportunities and challenges to Food Safety. Consumers buy food products and assume they are of high quality and safe to eat. They have …

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20 Tips to Avoid and Prevent Food Poisoning

Stomach Aches

Nearly everyone gets food poisoning at least once in his or her lifetime. Here are 20 handy tips to avoid and prevent food poisoning. These tips refer to households, but can also be used in any food-handling, processing and packaging enterprise. You can find the germs that cause food poisoning …

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Listeriosis – A Killer on the Loose

Cold Meats

Listeriosis is a disease caused by the bacterium called Listeria monocytogenes (L. monocytogenes).  The Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa killed at least 180 people and infected almost 1000 others since January 2017.  It was the world’s worst recorded listeria outbreak. The National Institute for Communicable Diseases eventually identified the culprits …

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Food Safety – Why the Fuss?

Food Safety Why the Fuss

Until recently, many food-handling companies in South Africa ignored or did not take food safety seriously.  The Listeriosis outbreak in 2018 laid bare how prone food-handling businesses are to fatal food safety incidents. Inadequate food safety measurements in a food handling company can compromise the consumer’s health and in some …

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