Ensuring Food Safety: The Importance of Hygiene Audits

Food safety is a top priority for every establishment that deals with food, whether it’s a food business, healthcare facility, school serving meals to pupils, or company cafeterias/canteens. Good hygiene practices play a vital role and it’s not just a legal requirement in South Africa and most other jurisdictions, but …

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Importance of ethical audits

The Importance of Ethical Audits for Worker Welfare

As a fundamental principle, all businesses everywhere, regardless of size or sector, are responsible for respecting human rights, as recognised by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). Ethical audits such as SMETA/SEDEX, SIZA, GRASP, etc. are meant to ensure businesses can determine their level of risk …

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ASC Consultants in Food Safety

Why You Should Consider Using a Food Safety Consulting Company Like ASC Consultants

Most managers in small to medium businesses are burdened with an additional workload over and above duties in their job descriptions. These managers do not have enough time dedicated to running the Quality Management Systems or Food Safety Management Systems effectively. Therefore, dedicated quality time to address problems relating to …

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