Food Safety Practices for Persons in Charge of Food Premises Course ASC Consultants Regulation for Food Premises R638 Course is targeted at food business owners who want to comply with South African food safety regulations. It introduces Persons In Charge of Food Premises to the fundamentals of Food Safety practices, …

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GLOBAL GAP IFA V6, What’s new ?

Over the years, the Global GAP Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) certification standard has been revised numerous times. The revision has been necessitated by stakeholders, producers, and market demands. Part of the market demand is influenced by the need to comply with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a benchmark for …

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Online Regulation R638 Food Safety Course for Persons in Charge of Food Premises

Food Safety for persons in charge

ASC Consultants has introduced a new online food safety courses to make it convenient for persons working in food handling facilities to acquire the necessary skills. The first available course is the Regulation R638 Food Safety Course for the persons in charge of food premises. The learner can take this …

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Top 10 Benefits of Training Food Handlers on Food Hygiene Practices

Reasons to do Food Safety Training

Food safety is critical to ensuring consumer safety and trust.  This is why proper training in food handling, becomes more important for enterprises in food preparation, processing or production. It is vital to train food handlers on hygiene because food safety is compromised when hygiene is neglected and not given …

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