As the retail market demands changed, the Global Food Safety Initiative had to update its benchmarking requirements to align with new food industry trends and information. In February 2020, the GFSI then released the new benchmarking requirements under GFSI V7.2. To maintain its GFSI recognition, Global G.A.P – a certification …

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GlobalGAP Certification Scheme Overview

global gap

GlobalGAP is a farm certification scheme that promotes good agricultural practices and the production of primary products in a safe manner while taking into account worker welfare and health. What is GlobalGAP? Global Good Agricultural Practice (Global GAP) is an internationally recognised certification standard that promotes Good Agricultural Practices under …

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5 Interesting Facts About Lemons

Benefits of Lemons

It’s the citrus fruit season in South Africa and citrus packhouses are abuzz packing citrus fruits, which they mainly export. South Africa is the second-largest exporter of citrus fruits in the world, second only to Spain. Based on production volumes, citrus fruits are the most produced fruits in South Africa. …

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Load-shedding – A Threat to Our Food Supply and Agri Sector

Loadshedding affecting the agri sector

The recent spell of load-shedding in South Africa disrupts the economy intensely. It shuts down factories, switches off servers, prevents mining operations, causes massive traffic disruptions and costs billions in potential revenue. Its effects on the Agricultural Sector are equally significant. An inability to address the load-shedding problem over the …

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