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Virtual Consultation Booking Form

Do you need advice and guidance regarding your food business, food safety related matters or food safety management system? Book your premium virtual consultation and talk to one of our subject matter experts. Save time, frustration and money!

What Do You Get?

What value will you receive for your money and what can you expect during our virtual consultations?

Access to a consultant who specialises in the area of concern.

Notes of the meeting, including any additional information and resources as agreed during the virtual consultation session.

Our consultants will do research on your behalf where applicable and when necessary.

We will provide you with a presentation where applicable.

Our virtual consultations include other administration services, for example, email correspondence, reports, etc.

Other Important Information

Our consultation rate is R400 (ZAR) / hour.

Virtual consultations will take place via the Zoom platform.

We do not provide a refund should you decide to cancel your appointment or if you do not attend the meeting at the scheduled date and time.

You are welcome to notify us if you would like to reschedule the meeting to another date and/or time slot. This only applies when the notification is received at least 24 hours before the meeting starts.

Should our consultants need to reschedule a meeting for any unforeseen circustances, you will receive a notification at least 24 hours before the meeting starts.

Virtual Consultation Services We Offer

Apart from our onsite services, we also offer convenient and cost-effective virtual consultation services.

Food Safety Management Systems Implementation Guidance

Food Safety Management Systems Update Guidance

Food Safety Management Systems Maintenance Guidance

SIZA Ethical and Environmental Guidance

SIZA SAQs Guidance

GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody Guidance

Food Science & Technology Guidance

Certificate of Acceptability (R638) Guidance

Shelf-life Study Guidance

Regulatory Advisory Services

Environmental Monitoring Guidance

Remote Documents Review / Audit

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