Why You Should Consider Using a Food Safety Consulting Company Like ASC Consultants

Most managers in small to medium businesses are burdened with an additional workload over and above duties in their job descriptions. These managers do not have enough time dedicated to running the Quality Management Systems or Food Safety Management Systems effectively.

Therefore, dedicated quality time to address problems relating to Quality Management Systems becomes very daunting and costly. However, a consultant has all the time to dedicate their efforts towards data collection, formulating and implementing necessary policies to solve the company’s problems.

4 Benefits of Using a Food Consulting Company like ASC Consulting for Your Food Business

We Have Hawk-like Eyes

Companies find it daunting to decide whether to solicit a business consulting company’s services or wholly rely on their internal teams. This is because most enterprises assume consultants are expensive and provide recommendations that require unaffordable resources. However, that usually is not the case.

Organisations can miss addressing critical issues that might negatively impact them now or in the future because of limited time and resources to focus on such issues. This explains why a fresh pair of eyes is needed to catch such problems, and this is where a consultant comes in. Our consultants are endowed with hawk-like eyes that can pinpoint problems in a company quickly and recommend the necessary control measures.

We use Qualified and Experienced Consultants

One of ASC Consultants’ qualifications is the possession of extensive experience and expertise in the space where the organisation operates. ASC consultants have worked with many companies in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industry and know these industries’ ins and outs.

They know what other competing companies are doing, and so their recommendations will help your company outsmart competitors easily. Management can benefit from ASC consultants ‘ in-depth knowledge and expertise in the marketing space and implement those skills during emergency situations or when the consultant has gone.


ASC Consultants offer an affordable solution to business through a once-off consulting fee OR a retainer fee. A retainer agreement is a contract between a company and a consultant or freelancer.

Unlike usual work, which is paid on a per-project basis, a retainer is paid monthly as per the agreed amount. Having ASC Consultants on retainer is great for companies because it means they’ll have a dedicated and experienced consultant for the period they’ve paid for.

This option is suited for businesses that want to save on hiring a qualified person permanently and who may be very expensive for the company to afford at the time. The business also spends little on training the person on the job because the consultant is already fully trained and well-versed with systems.

Furthermore, by the time the consultant leaves, they would have already transferred the skills to the internal teams.

We Have a Retainer Option

Through our consulting retainer, we bill our clients an affordable fee every month. Our consulting retainer has become popular with clients because it is affordable and cheaper than hiring a permanent staff member.

How can we help? Contact us to help you find the most cost-effective, time-saving and effective solutions.

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