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Food Safety Management System Manual

  • Food Safety Management Systems Manual

Context of the Organisation (Clause 4)

  • Context of the Organisation Procedure
  • Clause 4.2: Needs and Expectations of Interest Parties
  • Clause 4.2.1: Risk Assessment Matrix

Leadership (Clause 5)

  • Leadership Procedure
  • Clause 5.3: Organisation Structure

Planning (Clause 6)

  • Planning Procedure

Support (Clause 7)

  • Support Procedure
  • Clause 7.2 & 7.3: Training Procedure
  • Clause 7.4: Communication Procedure
  • Clause 7.4.1: Communication Matrix
  • Clause 7.4.2: Document Codification
  • Clause 7.5: Form and Data Control Procedure
  • Clause 7.5.3: Control of Records Procedure

Operation (Clause 8)

  • Operation Procedure
  • Clause 8.2: Pre-requisite Programme Procedure
  • Clause 8.3: Identification and Traceability Procedure
  • Clause 8.4: Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedure
  • Clause 8.5: HACCP Methodology Procedure
  • Clause 8.6: HACCP Analysis Report
  • Clause 8.6: HACCP Plan
  • Clause 8.7: Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment
  • Clause 8.9.1: Correction, Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
  • Clause 8.9.4: Disposal of Non-conforming Products
  • Clause 8.9.4: Control of Nonconforming Products Procedure
  • Clause 8.9.5: Product Withdrawal & Recall Procedure

Performance Evaluation (Clause 9)

  • Performance Evaluation Procedure
  • Clause 9.2: Internal Audit Procedure
  • Clause 9.3: Management Review Procedure

Improvement (Clause 10)

  • Improvement Procedure


Procedures (Food Safety)

  • Preliminary Analysis of Production Process Procedure
  • Hazard Identification Procedure
  • HACCP Plan Procedure

Process Approach

  • Customer Service
  • Engineering (Maintenance)
  • Process Flow for Dispatch
  • Marketing Process Flow
  • Process Flow for Externally Provided Purchase Activity
  • Process Flow for Quality Control
  • Process Flow for Stores
  • Food Safety Team Leader Processes
  • Process Flow for Training Activity
  • Process Flow for Production


  • Food Safety Team (Blank)
  • Food Safety Team (Completed Example)
  • Product Description (Blank)
  • Product Description (Completed Example)
  • Process Flow Chart (Blank)
  • Process Flow Chart (Completed Example)
  • Hazard Analysis Report (Blank)
  • Hazard Analysis Report (Completed Example)
  • HACCP Plan (Blank)
  • HACCP Plan (Completed Example)
  • Corrective Action Plan for CCP (Blank)
  • Corrective Action Plan for CCP (Completed Example)
  • Environment Monitoring Plan (Blank)
  • Environment Monitoring Plan (Completed Example)
  • Operation Pre-requisite Programs (Blank)
  • Operation Pre-requisite Programs (Completed Example)
  • Pre-Requisite Programs (Blank)
  • Pre-Requisite Programs (Completed Example)


  • FSSC 22000 Audit Questionnaire
  • ISO 22000: 2018 Clause-wise Audit Questionnaire
  • Self-audit Checklist

Customer Complaints

  • Customer Complaints Trends
  • Customer Complaints Procedure


  • Validation Procedure
  • Verification Log Template


  • Skills Requirements
  • Quality Plan
  • Raw Material Specifications
  • Security Assessment
  • Threat Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Template


  • Packing Report / Slip
  • Bag / Other Packing Material Inspection Report
  • Screen Checking Report
  • Loading Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Breakdown History
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Preventive Maintenance Check Points
  • Daily Preventive Maintenance Check Points
  • Preventive Maintenance Check Points For Building & Civil Work
  • Incident Report
  • Temporary Maintenance Work Report
  • Cleaning And Sanitation Report
  • Housekeeping Records
  • Visitor’s Entry Report
  • Fumigation Report
  • Daily Sanitation Audit Report
  • Pest Control Logbook
  • List Of Glass Items Inventory
  • Visual Inspection Report
  • Wooden Checking
  • Rodent Trapping Record
  • Operation Pre-Requisite Programmes
  • Water Tank Cleaning Report
  • Water Line Cleaning Report
  • Medical Check-Up Report
  • Production Plan
  • Disposal Of Non-Conforming Products
  • Purchase Order
  • Indent And Incoming Inspection Record
  • Approved Vendor List Cum Open Purchase Order
  • Supplier Registration Form
  • Open Purchase Order
  • Supplier Audit Schedule
  • Supplier Audit Check List
  • Positive Recall Report
  • Maintenance Job Card
  • pH Meter Calibration Report
  • Normality Record Sheet
  • Validation Report
  • Order Form/Order Confirmation
  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Complaint Report
  • Daily Stock Statement
  • Design and Development
  • Gate Pass
  • Change Note
  • Corrective Actions Report
  • Master List Cum Distribution List Of Forms
  • Master List Of Records
  • Audit Plan
  • Internal Audit Non-Conformity Report
  • Clause Wise Form Wise Audit Review Report
  • Magnet Control
  • Continual Improvement Plan
  • Calibration Status Of Instruments
  • Communication Report
  • List Of Chemicals Onsite
  • Food Defence Checklist (Example 1)
  • Food Defence Checklist (Example 2)
  • Monthly Food Safety Inspection Report
  • Training Report
  • Induction Training Report
  • Job Description And Specification
  • Skills Matrix
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Pre-Requisite Programme
  • List Of Formats
  • Risk Assessment Sheet
  • Objectives
  • Unloading Vehicle Checking Report
  • Cleaning and Sanitisation Schedule

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