FSSC 22000 V6 Additional Requirements Part 2 of 20: Understanding the Scope and Food Chain Categories

In part 2 of the FSSC 22000 V6 additional requirements series, we will look at the scheme’s scope and the applicable food chain categories.

This series is designed to be your one-stop shop for understanding the FSSC 22000 V6 additional requirements. Stay tuned for upcoming parts that delve deeper into each requirement!

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The FSSC 22000 scheme applies to various organisations within the food supply chain based on their specific activities. Here’s a breakdown of the currently applicable food chain categories:

Table of the Applicable Food Chain Categories

BBIIIPre-process handling of plant products
CC0Animal – Primary conversion
CCIProcessing of perishable animal products
CCIIProcessing of perishable plant-based products
CCIIIProcessing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed products)
CCIVProcessing of ambient stable products
DDProcessing of feed and animal food
EECatering / food service
FFIRetail / Wholesale / E-commerce
FFIIBrokering / Trading / E-commerce
GGTransport and storage services
IIProduction of packaging material
KKProduction of Bio-chemicals
FSSC 22000 V6 Food Chain Categories

Video Explaining the Scope and Applicable Food Chain Categories

Watch the video if you want a better understanding of the applicable food chain categories of the FSSC 22000 V6 scheme.

Notable Key Changes to the Scope of Version 6

  1. Primary Production Category Removed: The previous category A (primary production of plant and animal products) is no longer included in the scope but has been replaced by two new subcategories: BIII and C0 (see below).
  2. New Category BIII: Covers activities of Pre-process handling of plant products.
  3. New Category C0: Animal – Primary conversion, which focuses on transforming carcasses for further processing.
  4. Pet Food Recategorised: Pet food (previously categories DIIa and DIIb) is now included within the broader food categories CI through CIV.
  5. Transport and Storage of Perishable and Ambient Stable Foods Merged: These categories are now combined into a single category G.
  6. Revised Category FI to include e-commerce: Category FI now includes wholesale, retail and e-commerce.
  7. New Category FII: V6 introduces a new category FII for brokering, trading and e-commerce where the organisation does not physically handle products.


The FSSC 22000 V6 scheme has revised its scope and applicable food chain categories. This part of the series provided a breakdown of the current categories, including notable changes like the removal of primary production, the introduction of new subcategories, and the merging of transport and storage categories.

For a deeper understanding of these changes, be sure to watch the included video or explore upcoming parts of this series that delve into each additional requirement in detail.

If you have any questions about FSSC 22000 or these additional requirements, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section at the end of the article. We’re here to help!

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If you have any questions about FSSC 22000 or these additional requirements, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. We’re here to help!

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