New features of GlobalGAP IFA V5.4

GlobalGAP has introduced the new GlobalGAP IFA V5.4. The constantly changing market demands pertaining to food safety practices in this rapidly changing global economy have accelerated into major adjustments of policies, regulations, and standards. It is for this reason that GlobalGAP is continuously making efforts of updating its assessment criteria to keep up with the market demands.

GlobalGAP Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) version 5.4 publicly came into effect in July 2020 following amendments of GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) version 2020. Therefore, V5.3 and V5.4 are the only GlobalGAP standards that are internationally recognised and replace V5.2. If you are proceeding with V5.2, it is no longer recognised.

IFA version 5.4  features a summary of excerpts obligatory clauses applicable for crops, livestock, and Aquaculture membership. The clauses are binding to both single and group farm producers in the aspect of Quality Management System (QMS), on-farm inspections, Information and Communication Technology as well as inspections of the Certifying Bodies (CB) to mention a few.

The new GlobalGAP Version 5.4 places emphasis on stricter audit protocols, hygiene, paperwork, and continual training of Auditors, Inspectors, and Global GAP Farm Assurers. Furthermore, a once-off audit assessment is no longer enough, there must be evidence that the farm is being inspected regularly and that must be informed by a risk assessment.

A summary of changes of GlobalGAP IFA version 5.4 can be view here

4 thoughts on “New features of GlobalGAP IFA V5.4”

    • Good day Suné,

      Audits for GlobalG.A.P. version 6 will be conducted from 1 May 2023. If you need certification before then, you will need to implement Version 5.4.

      Kind regards,

      ASC Consultants Support Team

    • Good day, Connie

      Version 5.4 audits will continue until April 2023. Thereafter, version 6 will be applicable but if you are still certified with v5.4 it will remain valid until the next audit cycle. In other words, if you are certified with V5.4 in October 2022, it will still be valid until that date following which you will be audited on V6.

      Thanks for the good question!

      ASC Team


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