HACCP the 12 Stages Course (FS08)

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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in food handling enterprises are used to reduce the risk of food safety hazards and improve food safety.

These hazards include Biological, Physical and Chemical hazards and must be controlled at specific points in food handling processes.  The 12 stages (or steps) of HACCP are used as a guideline to implement an effective HACCP system.

HACCP is an internationally recognised food safety management system and also plays a large role in all globally recognised food safety management systems like BRC and FSSC 22000.

This course explains and demonstrates each of the 12 stages of HACCP. The learner will actively participate in group discussions with practical examples and activities.  This course is ideal for all people in key positions and especially the HACCP team.

Our cost-effective food safety courses are presented by industry experts. It is fun, engaging and interactive with practical examples and activities. Delegates write an assessment at the end of the course and will receive a handout and certificate of attendance.

We are based in Port Elizabeth and service most provinces in South Africa.

Course Level

Intermediate Food Safety course

Course Duration

1 Day

Minimum Requirements

A basic understanding of HACCP is required before attending this course. We recommend first attending our Introduction to HACCP course.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners or any person in charge of food premises
  • QA managers
  • QC managers
  • Production managers
  • Supervisors
  • HACCP team

Course Outline

  • A quick overview of the different components of Food Safety and GMP.
  • Overview of the purpose of HACCP.
  • Practical application of HACCP the 12 Stages.

Five Preliminary Stages of HACCP:

  • HACCP Stage 1 – Form a HACCP team.
  • HACCP Stage 2 – Product description.
  • HACCP Stage 3 – Intended use.
  • HACCP Stage 4 – Draw a flow diagram.
  • HACCP Stage 5 – Verify the flow diagram.

Seven Principles of HACCP:

  • HACCP Principle 1 – Conduct a hazard analysis
  • HACCP Principle 2 – Determine CCPs
  • HACCP Principle 3 – Establish Critical Limits
  • HACCP Principle 4 – Monitoring CCPs
  • HACCP Principle 5 – Corrective Action for CCPs
  • HACCP Principle 6 – Establish procedures for verifications
  • HACCP Principle 7 – Establish proper documentation and record-keeping



After completing this course we strongly recommend attending our intermediate 1-day Introduction to Food Microbiology (for non-Microbiologists) course.

An excellent complementary course to also consider is our 1-day Food Defence and Food Fraud course.

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