MEAT (PROCESSED) – Regulations Regarding the Classification, Packing and Marking of Processed Meat Products Intended for Sale in South Africa

DEPARTMENT: Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

ASSOCIATED ACT: Agricultural Product Standards Act, 1990 (Act No. 119 Of 1990)

REGULATION NAME: Regulations regarding the classification, packing and marking of processed meat products intended for sale in South Africa

NO AND DATE: R1283 of 04 October 2019

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This South African regulation primarily focuses on setting standards for the classification, packing, and marking requirements of processed meat products intended for sale within South Africa.

The scope of this regulation can be found under Regulation (clause) 2 referring to Regulation (clause) 4.

Legislation Activity for the Last 4 Years (Original and Amendments)

All Meat Legislation

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