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Online Regulation R638 Food Safety Course for Persons in Charge of Food Premises

ASC Consultants has introduced a new online food safety courses to make it convenient for persons working in food handling facilities to acquire the necessary skills. The first available course is the Regulation R638 Food Safety Course for the persons in charge of food premises. The learner can take this course in any location for as long as the learner has a stable internet connection.

The R638 Regulations of 22 June 2018 are Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises, the Transport of Food, and Related Matters. The Regulations require that a person in charge of food premises must ensure that they are suitably qualified or otherwise adequately trained in food safety and hygiene principles and practices.

This course introduces the fundamentals of Food Safety practicesHACCP principles, and GMP to persons in charge of food handling premises. It is based on the requirements of the R638 regulations under the  Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act 54 of 1972 (South Africa).

The online course is convenient for persons who may not have enough time to attend classroom classes and seek a convenient, self-paced course to comply with Regulation R638: 2018.

After completing our online course, the learner should have a clear understanding of good Food Safety Practices’ fundamentals for food handling enterprises. The learner will receive assistance from an accredited assessor throughout the course and can ask questions during each lesson.

ASC Consultants takes pride in the quality training provided. We want to ensure the learner is well informed and, after completing our courses, they will apply the knowledge they acquired in the workplace.

It must be noted before a verified certificate is issued to the learner, we would need to confirm that it is indeed the learner who has completed the course and not someone else on their behalf.  Therefore, the learner must complete their final assessment through a video portal where the assessor will ask timed questions directly to the learner.

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