Part 3: Virtual Course Assessment

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Part 3: Introduction to GLOBALG.A.P. IFA v6 Course Assessment (20-09-2022)
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1). How long can a suspension last?
2). Which of these are conditions that can necessitate a suspension? (Select ALL correct answers)
3). Only producers registered on the GLOBALG.A.P. IT systems may change certification bodies.
4). If a sanctioned producer wants to change CBs and the certificate has already expired, as an exception, the outgoing CB can lift the non-conformance of an expired certificate without having received evidence of corrective actions.
5). If a transfer is granted, the certificate validity issued by the accepting CB after suspension shall be 4 months minus the extension period given by the outgoing CB.
6). It is mandatory for both IFA 6 GSF and IFA 6 Smart to use an ISO/IEC ISO17025 certificate.
7). Specifications must be reviewed under the following condition/s. (select ALL correct answers)
8). A Food defence risk assessment is the same as a hygiene risk assessment.
9). What is considered foreign material? (select ALL correct answers)
10). Verification of the correct operation for chemical sprayers must be done at least annually.
11). Under IFA 6 GSF -10% of audits by certification bodies must be unannounced.
12). The IFA v6 GSF three-year cycle rule (with annual on-site audit) further reduces the content of the checklist to the applicable points and shortens the on-site audit duration.
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