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Food Hygiene Audits

Our food hygiene audits include a comprehensive evaluation of a food handling facility’s level of cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene practices. It involves a thorough inspection of the premises and a review of the organisation’s policies and procedures related to hygiene.

Comprehensive inspection

Comprehensive audit report

Regulatory compliance evaluation

Recommendations for improvement

Scheduled or unscheduled audits

Environmental monitoring / surface swabs

What is a Food Hygiene Audit?

A food hygiene audit, also commonly referred to as a hygiene audit, in food-handling establishments is a comprehensive evaluation of a workplace or facility to assess its level of cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene practices. It typically involves a thorough inspection of the premises and a review of the organisation’s policies and procedures related to hygiene.

What is the Purpose of a Food Hygiene Audit?

The purpose of a food hygiene audit is to identify areas that need improvement, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and prevent the spread of illness and disease. The audit may cover a range of topics, such as food safety, water quality, air quality, waste management, and personal hygiene practices. Overall, a food hygiene audit is an important tool for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

Who Will Benefit the Most From Our Food Hygiene Audits?

Food hygiene audits are crucial to maintaining food safety and the public’s health, making them relevant to a wide range of industries.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing & Processing

Food Storage, Distribution & Transportation

Food Packaging Manufacturers

Food Importers and Exporters


Fast Food Facilities


Guesthouses Serving Food

Retailers / Supermarkets


Food Services for Events & Catering Services

Home Food Delivery Services

Business Cafeterias

School Cafeterias

Healthcare Kitchens and Cafeterias

Food Donations & Community Feeding Projects

Food Hygiene Audit Tools and Methods

During a hygiene audit, our auditors may use various tools and methods to collect information, such as visual inspections, microbiological testing, and interviews with staff.

The audit report usually includes a summary of findings, recommendations for improvement, and a plan of action to address any deficiencies identified.

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What Do We Check During Our Food Hygiene Audits?

Hygiene policies and procedures

Handwashing facilites and if staff is following handwasing protocols

Cleaning and sanitation practices

Food storage and handling practices, including temperature control, date labelling, and storage locations.

Ventilation and air quality controls, including proper exhaust fans and filters.

Staff facilities

Pest control measures

Comprehensive visual inspection identifying problem areas, including hard to reach areas

Personal protective equipment

Record-keeping practices, including logs for cleaning, maintenance, pest control, and food safety inspections.

Waste management practices, including food waste and hazardous materials

Environmental sampling (where required)

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