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Public Health Consulting Services

We provide a wide range of public health consulting services. Our services include developing health plans, conducting research, epidemiology, environmental health, public health programmes evaluation and more.

Public Health is a scientific discipline that considers different strategies and applications to ensure that the public is healthy and lives in conditions that promote healthy living. Public Health focuses on health promotion at the population level, which is different to medicine which focuses on treating sickness in individuals.

Public health includes prevention measures, awareness programmes, curative health care, rehabilitation and health education. The success of public health is highly dependent on the ability of health care professionals to execute their duties without any hindrance.

Aluzar Systems Consultants are specialists in public health consulting, and we offer a myriad of services to this effect.

Option 1: Developing Health Plans

We have specialists who can assist with developing comprehensive health plans for assessing local needs and resources. It helps our clients have a deeper understanding of specific communities or groups they have an interest in.

It is vital to identify any needs and resources before the start of a project. 

Our well-developed and comprehensive health plans facilitate better planning, preparation and the efficient and optimal allocation of resources where it is needed to help improve the quality of life of the target communities or groups.

Option 2: Public Health Research

We provide research to find strategic solutions to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities.

We use our specialist skills and tools to research the problem in question, analyse its impact on communities, identify possible gaps and propose solutions to ensure maximum impact of the specific interventions to improve the quality of services.

We assist with defining research questions and objectives, matching the research question to strategy and design, and designing the research protocol.

Option 3: Public Health Programme Evaluation

ASC supports public health programmes to ensure the  programme achieves the desired outcome and reaches the targeted populations:

  • Project impact evaluation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Train staff to enable them to conduct future monitoring and evaluation activities.

Option 4: Public Health Policy Research and Analysis

We provide meticulous public health policy research and analysis, ensuring the reliability and reproducibility of our research output.

We formulate effective public health policies based on understanding the critical needs and available resources of the target population.

Our health policy service includes interacting with local communities and other key stakeholders. We also assess the availability of resources and specific circumstances applicable to the country or community in question.

Option 5: Environmental Health

Environmental Health (EH) is a branch of public health concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health.

Our professionals are qualified to monitor the safety of what we eat and drink. As part of our services, we provide consulting services in vector control, water and air pollution, communicable disease outbreaks, foodborne disease outbreaks, and the impact of environmental factors on human health.

Option 6: Epidemiology

We provide consultancy services in epidemiology by identifying and analysing public health issues and their impact on health policies and general public health.

Our speciality areas of interest include:

  • Epidemiology of foodborne illnesses and infectious diseases.
  • Incidence and prevalence of diseases.
  • Investigation of risk factors for health outcomes.
  • Risk assessment and management.
  • Outbreak investigation.
  • Disease surveillance and evaluation of public health surveillance systems.
  • Appropriate epidemiologic methodologies.

Aluzar Systems Consultants strive to provide cost-effective, comprehensive and professional public health services to our clients.

We care about people and the environment they live in. We understand the importance of the correct allocation of resources to help improve the quality of life for all!


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