Food Safety Management Systems Implementation, Auditing and Maintenance

FSSC 22000 Version 5.1

ISO 22000: 2018

BRC Issue 8

GlobalG.A.P. Version 5.3



Our consulting packages..

ASC Consultants offers various convenient consulting packages to help you implement, audit and maintain your Food Safety Management Systems.

We can assist companies worldwide with our remote document auditing option.

We do a virtual audit of your written Food Safety Management System using platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Google Meet.

The virtual audit focuses mainly on documentation like policies, procedures, records, risk assessments, customer requirements, and any other documentation the selected standard requires.

Once the audit is complete, the client receives a full audit report with findings and recommendations.

This option is usually preferred by clients who have full confidence in their implementation of Good Manufacturing Practises and needs an expert opinion to ensure their documentation fully complies with the Food Safety Management System requirements.

We assist companies with a full implementation of their Food Safety Management Systems.

Our qualified consultant travels to your facility and conducts a GAP analysis to determine the gaps in your current Food Safety Management system. A report will then be compiled detailing the process steps the company would need to take to ensure it fully meets certification requirements.

Upon the adoption of the report and recommendations, our consultant will then propose a project plan indicating priority areas, as well as time frames to achieve certification. We provide support to our clients throughout the implementation stages.

The support includes training, auditing, laboratory testing and making recommendations about the structure and equipment of the facility. We also recommend a list of accredited certification bodies and can source quotations on behalf of your organisation. We can assist with the application process for certification and complete all the necessary documents on your behalf.

Our consultant will be present during the certification audit and assume the role of the Quality Manager. We assist with corrective actions and close out any findings raised during the audit.

This consulting package can either be a once-off or long last relationship linked to the retainer package (see below). Your organisation will have continuous access to our consultants throughout the FSMS implementation stage.

Our consultant retainer packages are a convenient service to clients who do not have the means to employ highly qualified food safety and management systems experts.

After achieving certification, the challenge is always to maintain certification and ensuring full compliance. We have an affordable and convenient solution; the consultant retainer packages.

This solution allows our clients to have access to a consultant (depending on the package). This means we can provide ongoing maintenance and supportive services, and keep your management system up to date, relevant and ensuring full conformance.

The consultant can visit your facility either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to support your Quality Assurance staff complement. The consultant plays the role of the de-facto Quality Assurance Manager and does all the work that a full-time quality assurance manager would do.

Alternatively, a client may decide that they only want the consultant to conduct Internal Audits on an occasional basis based on the internal audit schedule.

This package is suitable for companies that have a fully functional Quality Assurance Department but wants an impartial and objective auditor to go through their documentation.

This package includes an internal site audit, audit report with recommendations and closing off corrective actions.