Prohibition is the official act of denying, disallowing or preventing a person or an entity from carrying out specific activities. In terms of Regulation R638 of 2018, a prohibition on the handling and transportation of food may be issued by Environmental Health Inspectors (EHI). They may decide to issue a …

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7 Steps on How to Start a Legally Compliant Food Business In South Africa

7 Steps How to start a food business in South Africa

Many entrepreneurs have brilliant food business ideas but never know where to start and what to do to ensure their businesses are legally compliant. While having a great business idea is a good start, all relevant laws and regulations must be observed to avoid legal complications. Below is a step …

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Online Regulation R638 Food Safety Course for Persons in Charge of Food Premises

Food Safety for persons in charge

ASC Consultants has introduced a new online food safety courses to make it convenient for persons working in food handling facilities to acquire the necessary skills. The first available course is the Regulation R638 Food Safety Course for the persons in charge of food premises. The learner can take this …

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