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GLOBALG.A.P. Version 5.4

Fully customizable Food Safety Management Systems manual including procedures, policies, forms, risk assessments and more..

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  • Farm Policy Statement
  • Farm Policy Statement – Achievements & Targets
  • Water and Irrigation Policy
  • Code of Conduct and Hygiene Rules Policy
  • Non-GMO Foods Policy
  • Wildlife and Environmental Plan Policy Statement


  • Plant Protection Product Procedure
  • Product Protection Procedure
  • Customer Complaints Procedure
  • Product Recall and Incident Management Procedure
  • Training Procedure
  • Employee Health, Safety and Welfare Procedure
  • Food Defense Procedure
  • Pest Control Procedure
  • Cleaning and Sanitation Procedure
  • Chemical Application, Handling and Safety Procedure
  • Utilities Procedure (Efficient Use of Resources)
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
  • Maintenance & Engineering Procedure
  • MRL Maximum Residue Limit Monitoring
  • Wildlife and Landscape Conservation Enhancement Plan
  • Soil Safety Procedure
  • Distribution of Harvested Fruits Procedure
  • Purchasing and Outsourced Processes Procedure


  • Waste and Pollution Identification Action Plan
  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment
  • Waste and Pollution Identification Plan
  • MRL Risk Assessment
  • Irrigation Water Risk Assessment
  • HSE Risk Assessment Rating
  • HSE Baseline Risk Assessment (Field Work)
  • Equipment Analysis Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Risk Assessment
  • Orchard Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Material Risk Assessment
  • Water Safety Risk Assessment
  • Crop Growing Hazard Analysis
  • Food Hygiene Risk Assessment (During Picking and Transport)
  • Food Defense Risk Assessment


  • Daily Hygiene Checklist
  • First Aid Register
  • Disposal of Chemical Containers
  • Master Chemicals List
  • Training Attendance Register
  • Calibration of Spray Equipment Record
  • Fertilizer Application Form
  • Calibration Schedule
  • Daily Crop Monitoring Report
  • Toilet Cleaning Record
  • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Schedule
  • Sick Leave Register
  • Illness Reporting Register
  • Customer Notification Recall Form
  • Non-conformance Register
  • Corrective Action Report
  • Corrective and Preventative Action Form
  • Corrective Action Register
  • Soil Moisture Measurement Record
  • Soil Moisture Test Form
  • Traceability and Identification Form
  • PPE Issuing Register
  • First Aider Appointment Letter
  • Health and Safety Representative Appointment Letter
  • Environmental Officer Appointment Letter
  • Food Safety Meeting Agenda
  • Health and Safety Meeting Agenda
  • Complaint Register
  • Bin Integrity and Cleanliness Register
  • Fertilizer Inventory Register
  • Chemical Inventory Register
  • Empty Chemical Container Register
  • Bin Delivery Register
  • Vehicle Loading Inspection Form
  • FCM and Fruit Fly Register
  • Equipment Register
  • Scale Verification Checklist
  • Pruning Equipment Register
  • Foreman Inspection Checklist
  • Mass Balance Verification Form
  • Annual In-season Inspection Form
  • Fruit Evaluation and Seed Count Form


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